A.I.M. Power Armor
While still a prototype, the A.I.M. Power Armor is already considered such a wonderful advancement in the field of robotics that other organizations havedecided to steal the technology (and properly armor the hydraulics on their models).

Level & ClassEdit

Level 1




Exposed Hydraulics
Exposed Hydraulics - Weak to bleed effects. (note that instead of bleeding, it will instead be "leaking hydraulic fluid).

Abilities Edit

Charge Reactor

Target: Self.

Type: Buff.


Supercharged -Doubles the damage done by energy attacks and doubles damage taken from energy attacks; expended after attack, stacks unknown number of times.

The Big Bang

Target: Line (range ?).

Type: Ranged Attack.

Causes: Knockback.


A.I.M. Power Armor

A.I.M. Power Armor Dialogue Artwork

A.I.M. Power Armor In-Game

The In-Game Model Of The A.I.M. Power Armor


  • In marvel:avengers alliance, the A.I.M. power armor was a stolen power armor from tony stark,yet, in this game's story line it is seen that while the power armor is made by A.I.M., it contains technology from S.H.I.E.L.D.