A.I.M. Agent Dialogue
One of A.I.M.'s many unethical lab jockeys, the A.I.M. Scientist has elected not to take a focus for his or her studies and instead simply pursue generalized mad science.

Level & ClassEdit

Level 2



Advanced Idea

Target: Self.

Type: Buff.

Grants: Fast.

Graviton Grenade

Target: Area (X-shaped).

Type: Ranged Attack.

Grants: Knockback (Note: Targets are not knocked away from the center of the blast, but instead towards the center).

Particle Pistol

Target: Single (Enemy).

Type: Ranged Attack.

Grants: Nothing.


A.I.M. Agent Dialogue

An A.I.M. Scientist's Dialog

A.I.M. Agent Portrait Art

A.I.M. Scientist's Portrait Art


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