Task 1 - Demons Out Back Edit

Description: We needs answers only these Demons can provide; go get us a few to interview
Objectives: Defeat 5 Enemies
3 BruisericonEldjoetnar (Lvl 11)
2 ScrappericonMuspellsmegir (Lvl 11)
Reward: 1950 Silver
Cost to skip: 10 Gold

Task 2 - Precious Resource IIIEdit

Desciption: Collect 4000 iso-8
Reward: 975 Silver, 330 ISO
Cost to Skip: 10 Gold

Task 3 - They're Gonna Wreck It! Edit

Description: The Wrecking Crew are camping our access to the volcano. You know what to do.
Objectives: Defeat 4 mini bosses
BruisericonBulldozer (Lvl 11)
ScrappericonWrecker (Lvl 11)
ScrappericonPiledriver (Lvl 11)
TacticianiconThunderball (Lvl 11)

Reward: 1950 Silver; S.H.I.E.L.D Bonus
Cost to Skip: 10 Gold
Notes: The Wrecking Crew are immune to Burning and Chilled, and their attacks may apply Stun.

Task 4 - Danger Zone IIIEdit

Description: Complete 12 flight deck missions.
Rewards: 660 ISO
Cost to Skip: 10 Gold

Task 5 - Power behind the ThroneEdit

Description: Defeat Loki
Location: Lava Fields
Objectives: Defeat Loki
6 InfiltratoriconLoki (Lvl 11)
Reward: 975 Silver, 330 ISO, 1 CP
Cost to Skip: 10 Gold
Notes: 5 of the Lokis are imposters, while one is real. All start with Mirror Images