1. Ass3, Task1 Danger ZoneEdit

  • Complete three Flight Deck missions for Silver and XP.
  • Requires 10 Gold icon to auto-finish
  • Reward: 900 Currency Silver-iOS

2. Ass3, Task2 Viper's BiteEdit

Travel to Senegal and defeat Viper.

3. Ass3, Task3 World JumpingEdit

Travel to an Incursion United States, and defeat a squad of Hydra agents.

4. Ass3, Task4 Filling the CoffersEdit

  • Collect 1000 Silver from any source.
  • Requires 10 Gold icon to auto-finish
  • Rewards: 525 Currency Silver-iOS, 150 Refined Iso

5. Ass3, Task5 Defeat Red SkullEdit

Locate Red Skull's hideout and defeat Red Skull.

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