1. Ass3, Task3 Cut Off the HeadEdit

Attack marked HYDRA bases.

2. Ass3, Task4 Silver LiningEdit

  • Collect 1500 Silver from any source.
  • Requires 10 Gold icon to auto-finish
  • Rewards: 600 Currency Silver-iOS, 180 Refined Iso

3. Ass4, Task3 Powered Down IIEdit

Find and defeat Hydra's Power Armor.
  • Defeat 4 Hydra agents while protecting the data.
    • Note: If the Hydra Soldiers destroy the data, it will result in failure.
  • Expected Encounter Level: 3 & 6
  • Scenario:
  • Requires 10 Gold icon to auto-finish
  • Rewards: 360 Refined Iso, S.H.I.E.L.D. Bonus

4. Ass3, Task3 I Hate These GuysEdit

Destroy the 3 marked HYDRA facilities.

5. Ass4, Task5 MunichEdit

Travel to Munich and defeat Taskmaster.

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