1. Ass1, Task2 Ready, A.I.M...Edit

Find an A.I.M. facility and defeat 2 A.I.M. grunts.

2. Ass5, Task2 Precious ResourceEdit

Collect 500 Refined Iso-8 from any source.
  • Requires 10 Gold icon to auto-finish
  • Rewards: 600 Currency Silver-iOS, 180 Refined Iso

3. Ass5, Task3 Who You Ghana Call?Edit

Travel to Ghana and recover an ISO-8 shipment from a Doombot squad.

4. Ass5, Task3 Doombot FightEdit

Travel through the portal and defeat a Doombot.

5. Ass5, Task5 Like Me, Only Less HandsomeEdit

Travel to New Jersey and defeat the rogue Iron Man.

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