Task 1 - UnrefinedEdit

Description: Collect 1000 Refined Iso-8 from any source.
Rewards: 1200 Silver
Cost to Skip: 10 Gold

Task 2 - Magical WHAT?Edit

Description: Find and defeat the magicsaurs.
Objectives: Defeat # Dinosaurs
Enemies: Random

  • Scenario A:

4 InfiltratoriconSorceraptor

  • Scenario B:

2 BlastericonC. Cantaegis
2 BlastericonBalefire Raptor
GeneralisticonAntarctic Alpha Raptor

  • Scenario C:

4 Raptor Alpha Predator (Bruiser)

Rewards: 600 Silver, 180 Refined Iso-8
Cost to Skip: 10 Gold

Task 3 - Immortal SorceryEdit

Description: Find and defeat Morgan Le Fay.
Objectives: Defeat Morgan Le Fay
TacticianiconMorgan Le Fay
2 BlastericonC. Cantaegis
2 InfiltratoriconSorceraptor
BlastericonBalefire Raptor
Notes: Only defeating Le Fay is necessary. If you're quick, you can ignore the dinos.
Rewards: 360 Refined Iso-8, S.H.I.E.L.D. Bonus
Cost to Skip: 10 Gold

Task 4 - AircraftianEdit

Description: Complete 6 Flight Deck missions
Rewards: 600 Silver + 180 Refined Iso-8
Cost to Skip: 10 Gold

Task 5 - DoomedEdit

Description: Travel through the portal and defeat Doctor Doom.
Objectives: Defeat Servo Guards
TacticianiconDr. Doom
3 ScrappericonServo Exterminator
GeneralisticonServo Soldier
TacticianiconServo Mechanic
Rewards: 1200 Silver + 1 Command Point, S.H.I.E.L.D. Bonus
Cost to Skip: 20 Gold