1. Ass7, Task1 Scouting PartyEdit

Reduce the number of Kree Scout teams on our turf.

2. Ass3, Task4 Silver Lining IIEdit

Our operations in the Savage Land require 3000 more Silver.
  • Collect 3000 Silver from any source.
  • Requires 10 Gold icon to auto-finish
  • Reward: 675 Currency Silver-iOS, 210 Refined Iso

3. Ass7, Task1 Sensory DeprivationEdit

Eliminate the Kree sensor in Wakanda and find out what their goal is on Earth.'

4. Ass7, Task1 Special ForcesEdit

There is another chance to capture a Kree soldier for intel in Wakanda.

5. Ass7, Task5 She Hulk vs. the SentryEdit

An Incursion Sentry is on the loose, protect the locals by taking it down.