Task 1 - Dark Side of the MoonEdit

Description: Kree forces have made Moonfall, stop them from reaching Earth.
Objectives: Defeat 5 enemies
2 BruisericonKree Soldier (Level 7)
2 BlastericonKree Strike Major (Level 7)
TacticianiconKree Fleet General (Level 7)
Reward: 420 Refined IsoRefined Iso-8
Cost to skip: 10 Gold iconGold

Task 2 - House CallEdit

Objectives: Defeat 5 enemies

2 BlastericonKree Junior Strike Major (Level 8)
GeneralisticonKree Senior Lieutenant (Level 8)
InfiltratoriconKree Senior Scout Captain (Level 8)
ScrappericonKree Vanguard Colonel (Level 8)
Reward: 1500 Currency Silver-iOSSilver

Task 3 - Precious Resources IIEdit

Objective: Collect 2,500 refined Iso-8 from any source.

Rewards: 750 Currency Silver-iOSSilver, 240 Refined IsoRefined Iso-8

Task 4 - No Stone UnturnedEdit

Objective: Defeat 9 Kree soldiers

Reward: 480 Refined IsoRefined Iso-8

Note: Use blasters, avoid scrappers- many Kree are bruisers

Task 5 - The Accused Will StandEdit

Objective: Defeat the Boss! (Ronan the Accuser)

Boss:BruisericonRonan The Accuser (Level 8)
2 TacticianiconKree Fleet General (Level 8)
InfiltratoriconKree Scout Captain (Level 8)
GeneralisticonKree Senior Lieutenant (Level 8)

Rewards: 1500 Currency Silver-iOSSilver, 1 Command point iconCommand Point, S.H.I.E.L.D. Bonus


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