Task 1 - Safecracker Edit

Description: Hamper Incursion S.H.I.E.L.D. operations by eliminating their vaults

Objectives: destroy 5 incursion SHIELD Vaults (PVP)

Reward: 480 Refined Iso-8

Cost to skip: 10 Gold iconGold

Task 2 - Red Shift Edit

Desciption: we have a lead on the source of the distressed dinos, investigate immediately. Objectives: Defeat Crimson Dynamo


Crimson Dynamo (Blaster) Level 8

Antartic Velociraptor (generalist) Level 8 x2

C. Longpipes (Scrapper) Level 8 x2

C. Lacero (infiltrator) Level 8

Reward: 750 Silver & 249 Refined Iso-8 & SHIELD Bonus spin

Cost to Skip:

Task 3 - Not Your Average Dinosaur Edit

Description: A critical SHIELD prototype must be protected from tech-modded dinosaurs.

Objectives: Defeat 5 enemies


Tech Raptor Jaws (Scrapper) Level 8 x3

Tech-Raptor Beamer V.2 (Tactitian) Level 8 x2

Reward: 1,500 Silver

Cost to Skip: 10 Gold

Task 4 - Danger Zone II Edit

Description: Send some of your Heroes out into the field to enrich their experiances.

Objective: complete 9 flight deck missions

Reward: 480 Refined Iso-8

Cost to Skip: 10 Gold

Task 5 - Enter The Wolverine Edit

Description: We have pinpointed the source of the dinoborgs, Shut it down!

Objective: Defeat Fixer and his Dinoborgs


Fixer (Tactitian) Level 9

Tech-Raptor Shield (Tactitian) Level 9 x2

Tech-Raptor Jaws V.2 (Scrapper) Level 9

C. Lasereyeus (Blaster) Level 9 x2

Reward: 875 Silver & 270 Refined Iso-8 & 1 CP & SHIELD Bonus Spin

Cost to Skip: