C.Phinneus is one of the descendants of the magicsaurs morgan le fay created/controlled in assignment 5.

It is an ordinary enemy in Marvel:Avengers Alliance Tactics, and mostly attacks with attacks of poisoning type.

It first appears in the event: dino-might.


When a magicsaur and another magicsaur love each other very much, they create a descendant, made of both strange magical energy that changed them, and out of the ordinary dinosaur genomes, that's how a little dinosaur like the C.Phinneus was born, slowly showing how in a few more generations, magicsaurs are gonna rule the savage land and all of the normal dinosaurs will be gone!


  • InfiltratoriconClass - Infiltrator
  • Passives - None
  • Attacks
  • Level - Level 5



C.Phinneus in game

In-Game Model

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