Compy (Purple)

C. Electropodum is a Raptor that has undergone cybernetic augmentation by Fixer and A.I.M.,and thanks to a pod on his back that is generating electric energy and sending it to his tail, it can use electricity attacks and is technologically advanced compared to the normal raptor. This Raptor first appeared in Assignment 1 and in Assignment 10 it was granted another edition, it was entirely the same, but a Tactician instead of a Generalist.


C. Electropodum is the only Dinoborg that might not be a dinoborg at all! But that doesn't mean he isn't dangerous! It appears he was granted superpowers by the pod on his back, and an electrical dinosaur with technology is surely a strong opponent.


  • Tacticianicon\ GeneralisticonClass - Tactician\ Generalist
  • Passives - None
  • Attacks
    • Tail Surge (Level 2)
      • Melee Electric Area attack,Deals damage to targets(allies and enemies)and applies Static Charge.
  • Level - 2


The C in the name likely derives from the compsognathus genus of theropod dinosaurs, from which its physical form derives, while "electro" part of electropodium refers to the electrical nature of its attacks.