C.Lasereyeus is a Raptor enemy in the savage land, and is a Dinoborg with the ability to shoot energy from his eye substitute. This Raptor first appeared in Assignment 1 and is seen re-programmed by tony stark(in stark tower) during the final task of Limited-Time Event: Dino Might.


Have you ever imagined how is it to be blind? And further more, have you ever imagined how is it to regain your vision, with an energy blast edition? Well,for C. Lasereyeus, that's his real life. A raptor that undergone through a process that made his eyes be replaced by a single cybernetic eye capabale of emitting a powerful laser and is being controlled by a mysterious man, deadly as every other dinoborg and possibly even more.


  • BlastericonClass - Blaster
  • Passives - None
  • Attacks
    • Laser Pointer (Level ?)
      • Single Ranged Enemey attack,Deals damage to targets(if they're enemies) and applies Exposed.
  • Level - ?


The C in the name likely derives from the compsognathus genus of theropod dinosaurs, from which its physical form derives, while the rest is pseudo-Latin likely meaning "has a laser eye".