Commander Base BuildingsEdit

There are eight unique buildings in a player's base. Buildings with a * are included in the player base at the start of the game. All buildings start the game at level 1, but can be upgraded to improve their capabilities.

Default base layout

Default base layout after tutorial ends

List of buildings:

Base layout is identical for all players. There is no way to move buildings or change the layout.

Base Building FunctionsEdit

Barracks: Upgrades to the Barracks increase the unit cap.

Command Center: The Command Center restricts the level of all other buildings in the base. Upgrades to the Command Center allow for upgrades to other buildings. Upgrading the Command Center also increases how much Silver and Refined Iso-8 the player can hold.

Base layout

Complete base layout

Flight Control: Flight Control/Flight Deck are the same thing. Get access to Flight Deck and timed missions that earn silver and XP. Heroes/Agents assigned to Flight Deck missions are unavailable for other uses, such as combat.

ISO-8 Refinery: Generates Refined ISO-8 currency resource.

ISO-8 Workshop: Buy ISO-8 chips (not currency). These chips increase stats when attached to hero or agent uniforms.

Quinjet Hangar: Quinjets move heroes/agents around the World Map. Upgrading the Quinjet Hangar unlocks more Quinjets.

SHIELD Vault: Holds your Silver and Refined ISO-8 currencies. Upgrading the Vault gives you more space for Silver and Refined ISO-8.

Training Center: Train heroes and agents to the next level so they can get new abilities and earn more XP. Upgrading the Training Center lets heroes/agents train to higher levels.

Buildings in PVP Edit

Each building has its own fighting arena with unique layout and features.

Each building also offers a percentage of the owner's Silver, Refined Iso-8, or both currencies as a reward for defeating it.

Building Prize Currency % Base Payout
Barracks Iso-8 Unknown Unknown
Command Center Silver Unknown Unknown
Flight Control Silver Unknown Unknown
Iso-8 Refinery Iso-8 Unknown Unknown
Iso-8 Workshop Iso-8 Unknown Unknown
Quinjet Hangar Silver & Iso-8 Unknown Unknown
SHIELD Vault Silver & Iso-8 Unknown Unknown
Training Center Silver Unknown Unknown

The exact % the attacker wins varies by building. Precise numbers are unknown, but seem to be around 5-15% of the base owner's total. The Command Center and Vault consistently yield the biggest currency payouts.

Attackers also win Silver/Iso-8 that doesn't come directly from the base owner. If you attack a completely broke opponent, you still win a few hundred Silver and Refined Iso-8 (again, depending on the building attacked) for your victory.

Building DefenseEdit

Every new building comes with 2 agent defenders (who can be reassigned) and offers slots for up to 4 defenders total. Both Heroes and Agents can be assigned as defenders.
Defenders assigned

Training Center with two defender agents

When your base is attacked by another player, the heroes/agents you assigned to defend it will be AI-controlled. They fight the attacker for you without any input on your part. Their levels, abilities, and ISO-8 chips factor into how well they do in the fight. You do not get to assign them positions or give them any instructions in the fight.

Heroes/agents who are guarding buildings can't simultaneously be used anywhere else.

Leaving a building undefended is a bad idea. An undefended building just gives up its loot to the first attacker without any fight happening. 

Damaged Buildings / BasesEdit

When an enemy attacks a building and wins the fight, fires and smoke appear over the building. This burning effect is visible to all players on the World Map. A burning building cannot be attacked by other players. A building stays damaged for at least several hours. 

When every building in a base is destroyed by an attacker, a green "honeycomb" shield is spawned over the base to protect it from any more attacks. Presumably the shield lasts longer than the damaged state if the owner comes back and repairs before the shield expires.

Destroyed base

100% damaged and protected enemy base