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This Article is about the boss version of this character, if you are looking for the hero version, then enter  here .

Doctor Doom is an antagonist in Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics and later on, a Hero.He is fought against in Assignment 6.


Dr. Doom was a college friend of Reed Richards, until their rivalry led to a disfiguring accident. Using magic and technology to become ruler of his native Latveria, he is one of the world's greatest threats.


  • TacticianiconClass - Tactician
  • Passives - Titanium Mask
  • Attacks
    • Dark Ritual
      • A Guard type move that only donates to the story.


  • Strangely, dr. doom itself has none of his skills in fight, instead, the doombot will have all of them.
  • It is the only enemy with one move.
  • it is techically the hero with the most kills committed by him, since he killed an entire earth.


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