The Eldjoetnar (for only one has been encountered so far in the game) is a large being seemingly made up of equal parts fire, rock, muscle, and anger. It originates from Muspelheim (a Norse world of fire ruled by Surtr) and proclaims itself a scout paving the way for an attack upon Midgard (which is Earth, according to it's terminology).

The Nordic nature of this creature connects it to Thor, although he mentions nothing about it when recruited or if taken into the fight.

EldJoetner Symbol

Level & ClassEdit

Level 3



Fire Proof
Fire-Proof - Immune to fire.

While not mentioned, the Eldjoetnar also seems to have some degree of resistance to knockback effects, perhaps due to it's immense size.


Magma Fist

Target: Area (Range 2, centered on self).

Type: Melee Attack.

Causes: Hobble.

Spinning Spikes

Target: Area (range ?, centered on self).

Type: Melee Attack.

Causes: Knockback.

Volcanic Breath

Target: Single (Enemy).

Type: Ranged Attack; Fire.

Causes: Burning.


Fire Demon

Dialog Artwork

EldJoetner In Game

In game model of the Eldjoetnar.