Fixer Dialogue

Fixer is an antagonist in Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics. He leads the Dinoborgs and attacks S.H.I.E.L.D. bases and other mechanical creatures, like Omega Sentinel. He is the boss of .


  • TacticianiconClass - Tactician
  • Passives - None
  • Attacks
  • Level - Level 8


In Task 4 of Endgame, the player goes and fights against mutants from a universe in which it is presumed all humans are dead(since it is clear the mutants are killing them). When the player arrives, Fixer volunteers to help defeat the alternate Wolverine,Cyclops and Omega Sentinel.

As an ally Fixer is a Tactician with these moves:

Quick Looks Blast Forward
Skill type: Action
Target: Single Target, Enemy
LV1 Damage: 222-290
Hit/Critical: 88%/13%
Distance: 8 squares
Recovery time: Normal (86)
# of Hits: 1
Action type: Ranged, Energy
Hex Field Incendiary Rocket Barrage
Cost:  ???
Skill type: Action
Target: Area of Effect,Enemies and Allies
LV1 Damage: 97-116
Hit/Critical: 88%/13%
Distance: 6
Recovery time: Normal (86)
# of Hits: 1
Action type: Explosive, Ranged, Fire
Knockback: None
Cooldown: 2 Turns

Guard AbilitiesEdit

Guard Upgrade
Skill type: Defensive
Recovery time: Normal (81)
Guard type: Defensive
• Increases defense
File:Fortified.png Fortified



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