There are some questions that get repeated A LOT in the comments of various pages. If you have a question, there are many people here with a wide variety of knowledge about the game. Don't be afraid to ask a question, but check below first so that you're not repeating something that has already been asked and covered many times.

The FAQs page is also a great place to ask generic questions, since the Admins and other experienced Users will generally "Follow" this page for new comments and questions.

Remember: This is a community project. Everyone here is a player just like you. We don't work for Playdom.

What Does ___ Mean? What is ____?Edit

Have you checked the Terminology page for an answer?

Who Should I Recruit Next?Edit

If you wonder who, then we suggest you will ask the community or other users in the wiki's forums. You may also look at Hero Reviews page to help you decide.

Do All Agents Share Iso?Edit


How Do Cooldowns Work?Edit

Good question, 100 is the equal of a turn, meaning you can use this skill every turn. Everything further then that is cooldowned and cannot be used every turn.

Why Don't You Have More Free Stuff?Edit

Because we are not playdom, we only publish their links,but good news, recently, we've started collecting enough links that will grant you to recruit heroes for free by collecting enough CP from links.

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