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General Marvel (Addressed as General Marvel by Kree Soldiers), or Captain Marvel is a minor antagonist in Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics from another earth. She partly rules the Kree Empire in her time and invades our Earth, leading Kree Soldiers into battle. She is the boss of Endgame: Task 1.


General Marvel (Real name: Carol Danvers) is an evil leader from another Earth. Unlike the Captain Marvel in our universe, she is antagonistic rather than being good. She is much more aggressive comparing to our Captain Marvel.

Shortly after exiting her Incursion portal, she encountered Moonstone while she was mining items and therefore, General Marvel provoked her. Moonstone then demanded Nick Fury and Maria Hill to be temporarily teamed up with the Alliance for the risk of their existence.


  • BlastericonClassBlaster
  • Passives - Half Kree, Flying
  • Attacks
    • Brawl (Level 6)
      • Melee attack that deals damage to enemies.
    • Photon Blast (Level 6)
      • Ranged attack that deals damage to enemies.
    • Ranking Officer (Level 6)
      • Debuffing attack that inflicts no damage, but finds a Weak Point on the opponent.
    • Absorb Energy (Level 6)
      • Absorbs energy-based attacks.
  • Level - Does not show; predicted to be Level 6.


  • She is addressed as General, instead of Captain by Kree Soldiers.
    • Even though her combat name is still, Captain Marvel.
  • If Captain Marvel is recruited, she can battle General Marvel.
  • Moonstone will be used as a Team-Up against her.


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