Gold (1)
"A king who wants to maintain an army can never have too much gold." ~ Sir Thomas More, Utopia

The premium currency of the game, Gold is both the hardest to obtain and the most versatile.

Acquisition Edit

There are three ways to obtain gold in the game.

1) Start Playing. All players begin the game with 7 gold.

2) Level Up. All players are given 1 gold (by Director Fury) whenever they gain a new level.

3) Pay For It. By clicking the gold bar symbol at the top of the world or base map, a player may spend real-world currencies or redeem gift cards to gain up to 500 gold at a time.


Gold can be converted into other currencies (Refined Iso-8, Command Points, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Points) or Energy at varying ratios. The conversion rates tend towards favoring large volumes over small amounts. Gold can also be used to buy and train certain Hero Actions, Guards, and Passives, as well as speed up both the levelling and training processes. It can immediately finish buildings or repair them should they become damaged by PvP. It can be spent to skip the various assignments in each chapter of the game. Finally, it can be used to fill Flight Deck positions should you lack sufficient gaming/attentive friends.