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Lapon2544: Agent is probably the weakest hero you would find in this game. He can only moves a few steps, little health, able to get one-shot killed, etc. Unlike in M:AA where agents are so powerful, agents in M:AA Tactics is just a waste of CP. I wouldn't get them even if they're 5 or even 3 CPS. They're poor.

Qwertygiy (6/6/14): Disappointingly, SHIELD Agents are unbelievably un-powerful in MAAT. It is worth comparing them to Imperial Storm Troopers from Star Wars: they are supposedly the best of the best, and yet they wouldn't be able to protect your base even from walking teddy bears. They do have a bright side: equipping ISO-8 to one Agent equips it to all Agents, and it is hoped that giving them a Class-based uniform instead of their Generalist uniform also boosts their stats.

Thetachi364 (6/13/14): I actually love at least my one lvl 5 agent who is rocking infiltrator uniform. with the sniper rifle, the Agents as a baseline are i agree terrible but once they become lvl 2 there great healers if nothing less. there have been plenty of boss fights such as with doom where i line up my best Hawkeye, SW, and Cyclops and just put the Agent behind them healing when they need healing and doing huge damage with the rifle when no one needs healing. Yes it would be nice if there was a larger selection of weapons for them to use besides the 1% from M:AA but hey having someone who can heal your big guns is always a good thing.

Black PantherEdit

Lapon2544: Black Panther is a great tactician. His first ability (Wakandan Art) is not very strong but it applied 'Dizzy' which reduced 20% accuracy. The second ability (Claw Swipe) is what I love to use. It applied bleeding (Damage-Over-Times or DOTS) which can helps you in combats. The only downside is that some of your enemies are totally immune to bleeding such as Klaw or robots.

Qwertygiy (6/6/14): Black Panther is your starting tactician. He is not a very powerful hero, but he is good at slowly wearing out an opponent thanks to his Wakandan Arts being capable of striking many enemies at once, as well as giving him an extra three squares of range even when there are no enemies near. His Claw Swipe applies Bleeding, which right now may either wipe out an enemy quite quickly with 80 damage, or deal them a measly 1 point of damage, and is not the great health drainer that it is in MAA. He is worth bringing along early on, for battles with Blasters or where you can group together a lot the enemies.

Black WidowEdit

Lapon2544: Black Widow is an amzing infiltrators. She is very cheap for a start (16 CPs). Her first ability (Widow's Bites) applied 'Weakened' which reduced the attack stat by 20%. The second aility (Systema) is a melee attack which applied 'Wide-Open' which increased the damage taken by melee attacks. The combination 'Ability 1 + Ability 2 + Ability 2' is devastrating for Black Widow's got a passive called 'Deep Cover' which has paragon exploiter (exploit weakened, dizzy, wide-open, exposed, etc.) when she is adjacent the enemy.

Qwertygiy (6/6/14): Black Widow is great for many situations, because her two main abilities are a long-ranged attack and a melee attack. If she is up against a strong enemy, you can hang back and fire at them. But, it is usually worth it to then run up and hit them with the melee, because when she is adjacent to only enemies, she can exploit debuffs like the Weakened she applies with her ranged for extra damage.

Captain AmericaEdit

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Captain MarvelEdit

Lapon2544: Captain Marvel is a blaster. She has a very good attack and a lot of health, probably making her stronger than most blasters. Her Level 1 ability (Brawl) is just a start to this cheap (16 CPs (dirt cheap!!)) and amazing character. Brawl is extremely efffective against bruisers since it has 'deadly crits' on it. It also has the power to 'knockback' enemies. Her second ability is 'Photon Blast' which deals 'ok' damage and applied 'Clumsy' which decreases evasion by 20%. This hero will not disappoint you!!  

MetalsMike: Using her third ability, "Kree Strike", which is a quick action, immediately followed by brawl, is a deadly combo.  Kree strike adds "Combo Setup", and if she's hitting, for instance, the bruiser incursion ironman, she can kill him in one turn.


Lapon2544: Another powerful tactician. Cyclops lived up to his name for being the X-men Leader who can fire powerful 'Optic Blast' which destroys everything that stands in its way. His first ability is, can you guess? Of course it is 'Optic Blast'. Kinda disappoint at first because it deals low damage with no buffs/debuffs but it can only 'knockback' enemies. The Second ability (Kinetic Combo) is a little more intersting. it applied 'Exposed' whihc decreases defense by 20% and also knock back enemies. It deals moderate damage. You might ask, why the heck did this guy says that Cyke is powerful tac? Well, the answer lies in the rest of his skills. Check him out and you'll be amazed!

Dr. DoomEdit

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MetalsMike: Hawkeye is fast, and has infinite range on his L1 attack and his passive counter, which is the only thing that makes him somewhat useful.  His attack in any of his skills is just too low to choose him over any other infiltrator.

Thetachi364 (6/13/14): In M:AA i hate Hawkeye but in Tactics he is my most used hero after scrapping enough CP to get him i bought his passive ( dont remeber the name) that after ever enemy turn he hits them if there in his Line of sight. on big open maps this is great can just post him against a wall and he will light everyone up. Plus he can slow people down giving a team of ranged attackers plenty of time to do tons of damage before there in any kind of danger. Sure his attacks are weak and dont really debuff but hey 10-60 damage a shot after there turn every turn and they wont last long.


Extremis: Hulk lives up to his title "the strongest there is" in MAA Tactics. He deals massive damage in both his single and area attacks. With his passive, gamma rage, he attacks anyone who ends their turn adjacent to him. Large maps poses no problem Hulk as he just leaps to the enemy. Although his attacks knockback enemies so be careful on how to position him for an attack. When you unlock his furious frenzy,with a few buffs like Hulk Up and debuffs on the enemy like wide open and combo setup you can dish out almost 1000+ in total damage, the highest damage I have seen dished out by any hero at the moment. Because of this he can almost OHKO enemies. You won't regret spending that 90 CP.

Iron FistEdit

Lapon2544: Iron Fist is a very versatile scrapper.He can attack, applied statuses, knockback enemies, heal, buff and more! His first ability (K'un L'un Combo) applied 'Weakened' and 'Combo-Setup'. The second ability (Iron Fist) deals heaps of damage and is able to one-shot KO enemies. It also exploit combos. The combination K'un L'un Combo + Iron Fist quickly came to mind. The one and only downside of this combination is that the move 'Iron Fist' has an enormous 3 round cooldown and you'll have to wait 3 rounds to use this combo again and the battle would probably ends already.

Qwertygiy (6/6/14): Iron Fist is one of my favorite heroes in MAA, and in MAAT he is still very useful, especially once you have unlocked his higher-level healing capabilities. But even until then, his K'un L'un Combo followed up by The Iron Fist can take out most normal enemies, and the Combo Setup he applies can be exploited by Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and others to deal extra damage. If you know you'll be fighting infiltrators, bring him to destroy them.

Iron ManEdit

Lapon2544: Iron Man is the hero you get during the tutorial (along with Black Panther, who cost 16 CPs). The 'Repulsor Ray' (1st ability) deals good damage and can knockback enemies, The second move (Unibeam) is my favourite. It can attack all enemies in the line and deals heaps of damage. You have to be careful while using this ability though since it can also hurt your allies

Qwertygiy (6/6/14): Like in MAA, just because he is your first hero, doesn't mean he is your worst hero. The knockback on Repulsor Ray makes it decent for breaking up melee battles, or lining up enemies for his Unibeam attack. Speaking of the Unibeam, just because the obvious way to aim the beam doesn't hit all the enemies or also hits your allies doesn't mean it's the only way. Move him around, or target another square, and you'll be surprised what you can manage.


unknown:Actually my first hero bought for cps.Although I was disappointed at first on seeing Klaw, he turned out to be a game changer severalv times for me and saved quite a lot of of fights.He may be not a hard hitter but his knockback and fast moved really help him a lot.He applies a lot of debuffs which constantly helps allies, especially heavy hitters to knock down an enemy easily.He has a huge range which helps him a lot.


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Omega SentinelEdit

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Ronan The AccuserEdit

TheMarkedWarrior:He is second only to Hulk so yeah you can see that he rocks!

unknown:He was my first on field.He was not showing his true colours until and unless he used his defence field guard ability which really allowed him to get in front and lead his team.He isn't that big hitter at start but later seems to have better passives and area moves rather than damage.

Scarlet WitchEdit

Thetachi364 (13 june 2014): I'll be honest I used gold to get her at the start of the game because she is one of my favorite characters in M:AA. So That being said She is Awesome. Her Hex Spheres have a huge AOE radius and apply hexed which constantly ticks almost every turn, works asmost as well as bleeding from BP but its on everybody. her Arcane Blast Sure applies bane which makes the next one more powerful but it wasnt doing much for me so i got her probabillity field hopeing it was like the one from M:AA but its not. IT does a few things Randomly of course For your allies It can give a Energy shield, panther strength, acellaration for the enemies it usually eiather applies Stun (even to bosses) and/or blind. So really not that much but it covers the whole map it takes 2 rounds to cool down as does Hex Spheres but I think its worth it. She also randomly thoughout the battle applies Bane to random enemies, chaos shield to her allies which is a life saver some days. All in all i give her a 5 out of 5 all around.


Qwertygiy (6/6/14): In MAA, I have my dislikes of Bruisers, but the changes to the class system means Bruisers are one of the more powerful classes in MAAT, and since She-Hulk is the cheapest Bruiser, only 16 CPs, she is likely the first team member you will get Enraged against a Scrapper. She has two powerful melee moves, but her default passive is bugged so that if she is adjacent to an enemy that you hit with an area attack, the enemy will receive half damage. I would advise bringing her along in any fight with a Scrapper, but otherwise, if you use area attacks like Iron Man's Unibeam or Black Panther's Wakandan Arts, she is more of a hindrance at the moment.

A Wikia Contributor (14/06/'14): I have got She-Hulk for free reaching level 3, I chose her because of her high Health. I have to say, she is great in some moments but not so much in others. She was the only reason I could defeat the Doombot, she is useful thanks to Weakened on her lvl 1 ability, but her Defensive Lawyer is bugged, so on the other hand she is an obstacle when using BP and IM. She is also not the hard-hitter I expected, as well as not being so great defensively, maybe because of the amount of the blasters at the beginning of the game... I would give her a 3/5, which becomes a 4/5 if there's scrappers enemies, but falls to 2/5 if you're using Area Attacks and if you're facing Blasters.


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Info needed! Wolverine is pretty awesome as can be expected, he heals every turn and once levelled up and move 4 is unlocked he's excellent.