Heroes are the Marvel characters that you could use to do various missions in the game. There are spots for only 4 heroes in every fight,including base defending. There are 21 characters in the game. Heroes are recruited using Command Points. There is a sub-category of the heroes, unlockable heroes (no official name so far) that can be recruited only after you defeat them, there are 3 unlockable heroes for every chapter.

Heroes require Training to be promoted to higher levels. Heroes may only undergo training if they have the required amount of experience, the hero is at the base, the training center is not currently being upgraded, and the Commander has the required amount of Shield Points and Silver. Only one hero may be trained at a time.

Heroes By ClassEdit

Below are only the heroes who only require Command Points to be recruited:







  • Agent (10 CP, 16 agents for free)

Middle ManagementEdit

Middle Management is a task you should complete in level 3 to unlock one of the 16 CP cost heroes for free, below are the heroes who enter this category.

Free HeroesEdit

Besides middle management's potentially free heroes, some heroes are recruited entirely for free; so far they are all part of the tutorial.


Uniforms are a way to get a new passive for a hero and a new class, so far in the game only 3 heroes gained a second uniform, however one of them has a bug and his uniform cannot be bought (by the time this is written).

Unlockable HeroesEdit

Unlockable Heroes is the unoffical name for heroes that must be fought and defeated before you can recruit them, there are three every chapter.


  • It is assumed that Special Operations will have a hero as their main reward, since this is how they work in M:AA.