Incursions, are different worlds colliding at each other, that will both be destroyed eventually, unless one of them is destroyed before that.

Incursions were created(in the main comics earth, earth 616) after an event on one world led to it's early destruction(earlier then the time it was meant to be destroyed, since everything will be destroyed before the universe itself is destroyed.). That caused a contraction in the multiverse's timeline, and that caused two other worlds to smash together at the incursion point of the initial event, and that accelerated the smashing of the worlds.

Doctor doom has saved our earth by taking out another earth about to hit it, klaw's sonic remains were assembled by these events and he was revived, and a new alloy was created by A.I.M. with the ability to travel between earths and to destroy worlds for M.O.D.O.K.

Characters Related To IncursionsEdit

Doctor Doom - Doctor Doom saved earth 616 once in the game's storyline, by destroying another world that was about to hit it(earth 616).

Klaw - Klaw was apparently dead before the events of the second assignment(probably since the story of "Superior Carnage" has already taken place, causing klaw to become sound waves scattered in the world.), and his remains were brought to an A.I.M. base thanks to the incursions. It is unknown weather A.I.M. put him together again, or was it the incursions assambling him, and A.I.M. only turned him into solid.

M.O.D.O.K. - An alloy was created by A.I.M. with the ability to travel between earths and to destroy worlds for M.O.D.O.K. to use it.

Incursion Iron Man - A version of iron man from an alternate reality.

Incursion Iron Man Armors - The incursion iron man armors.


AIM Incursion Rebuild Of Klaw

Incursion Usage To Recreate Klaw


  • When an incursion appears, all of the enemies around it are having red glowing air around them.
  • It is unknown weather the Magicsaurs,Technosaurs and Klaw are all from incursions,but there are many theories on that subject.

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