MAAT Incursion Iron-Man

Incursion Iron Man is a minor antagonist in Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics from another earth. He leads the Iron Armors and invades our Earth, partnering up with Doctor. Doom and the Doombots. He is the boss of Assignment 5.


Incursion Iron Man (Real name: Tony Stark) is an evil leader from another Earth. Unlike the Iron Man in our universe, he is antagonistic rather than being good. Background information from our Tony Stark indicates that his technology and mind is as good as ours. His colours are supposed to represent intimidation.


  • BruisericonClassBruiser
  • Passives - None
  • Attacks
    • Repulsor Rays (Level 4)
      • Deals damage to enemies.
    • Repulsor Shield (Level 4)
      • Creates shield that absorbs 100HP.
    • Unibeam (Level 4)
      • Linear attack which punches through enemies.
  • Level - Level 4


  • Despite him being able to fly, he lacks the Flying passive.


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