"The Workshop develops new varieties of ISO-8." ~ Iso-8 Workshop PvP Loading Screen

The Iso-8 Workshop synthesizes Refined Iso-8 (obtained from the Iso-8 Refinery, assignment rewards, or raiding other player's bases) into armor augments that increase one or several of the character's stats. Every upgrade unlocks three more Iso-8 chips of different colors, until level 11 when all prismatic chips become available.


While being upgraded, Iso-8 chips can be purchased, although the newest set of chips will not be available until the upgrade is complete.

Level Time S.H.I.E.L.D. Points Refined Iso-8 Unlocked Iso-8 Chips (Color)
1 30 Minutes 5 37 Swift (Yellow)

Healthy (Blue)

Precise (Red)

2 1 Hour  ?  ? Enduring (Blue)

Strong (Red)

Tough (Yellow)

3 2 Hours 7 195 Deft (Green)

Exact (Orange)

Focused (Purple)

4 4 Hours 8 342 Proficient (Orange)

Relentless (Purple)

Resilient (Green)

5 6 Hours 9 598 Bulky (Orange)

Powerful (Purple)

Sturdy (Green)

6 8 Hours 11  ? Fortified (Blue)

Guardian (Yellow)

Violent (Red)

7 12 Hours 13 1,827 Adroit (Orange)

Flurishing (Purple)

Steadfast (Green)

8 18 Hours 15 3,198 Durable (Green)

Expert (Orange)

Robust (Purple)

9 1 Day 17 5,596 Lasting (Green)

Masterful (Purple)

Mercurial (Orange)

10 1 Day 12 Hours 19 9,792 Forceful (Orange)

Spry (Green)

Steady (Purple)

11 3 Days 21 17,135 Athletic (Prismatic)

Chaotic (Prismatic)

Nimble (Prismatic)

Patient (Prismatic)

Skillful (Prismatic)

Stalwart (Prismatic)

Stoic (Prismatic)

Tireless (Prismatic)

Vigorous (Prismatic)

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