Newspage is live
We just launched our newspage today. The newspage will highlight new content additions, heroes and alt costumes, as well as limited edition item offerings to outfit your team with.

Limited Edition Item Released: Fujin Fang
We have released the first “Limited Edition” item to Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics today. These limited edition items are only available for a short period of time. Make sure you don’t miss your opportunity to own this fine piece of equipment!

“Fujin Fang”

  • Agent Gear
  • Melee, Slash, Single Target
  • 100% Bleed & Ravaged on hit
  • Agent gains "Wind Walk" (+2 Move Range) if Fujin Fang is equipped
  • Give your agents a edge with a mystic weapon from the temple of Fujin. Agents will move faster and hit harder with this powerful magic blade.

Other Features
We’ve updated the character equip view. It now allows players to rotate through heroes without returning to the character selection page. Arrows low the player to move quickly to the previous or next hero in their list.

We have made improvements to Equip screen messaging. It should be easier to understand equipping abilities and iso with these changes.

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