• Fixed an issue where multi-hit attacks' base damage was being divided incorrectly, incorrectly reducing damage for those attacks.
  • Adjusted ability damage globally, to reduce "swing" of combat.
  • Display Enemy attack footprints to show attack patterns.
  • Display Recovery times in action tooltips, and in the timeline to help communicate the importance of recovery time.
  • Increasing HP at higher levels.
  • Shields no longer trigger on guards and buffs
  • Reduced the damage multiplier of Combo Setup
  • Guard now removes 1 debuff when used.
  • Reduced the damage done by Burning.
  • Flying now guarantees that character dodges attack, instead of reducing damage. As a result, statuses associated with ground attacks should not be applied.
  • Mirror Images now grants a high chance to dodge attacks, instead of modifying evasion.
  • Weak Point now has a longer duration, but only affects one attack.
  • New Debuff "Dulled" reduces critical hit chance to zero.
  • Fixed an issue where Hinder did not work for all ranged attacks.
  • Vigor and Fatigue only stack once, and applying one will remove the other.
  • Static Charge is a damage multiplier, instead of a separate damage event.

Black Panther

  • Wakandan Arts is now a single hit, area attack.

Captain America

  • Defined a default counter for Captain America
  • Battlefield Assessment now casts in a 180 degree wedge instead of an area around cap, The range has been increased to 3 (again)
  • All-American no longer hits friendlies, because that isn't very American.


  • Hawkeye's first ability is now Arrow Volley. Quick Shot is awarded at 2. Explosive Arrow is awarded at 6.
  • Reduced range of Hawkeye's ranged abilities by 3, increased the base damage to reflect.
  • Uniform passive "Bird of Prey" that increases range of Hawkeye's abilities by 3.
  • Quick Shot now has Deadly Crits
  • Arrow Volley now applies Slow.
  • Marksman Spotter now applies "Precise Shot" which grant a very high chance the next ranged attack will hit and crit.

Black Widow

  • Flying Kick has a knockback
  • Flying Kick can be used while adjacent to the target.
  • Uniform passive "Deep Cover" grants BW's attacks "Paragon Exploiter" while adjacent to enemies, but not friendlies.

Iron Man

  • Renamed "Flyby Dash Tackle" to "Afterburner"
  • Stark Technology no longer applies Action Cost reduction to enemies or to Iron Man
  • Reduced HP of Repulsor Shield at lvl 1 to 100, and Improved Repulsor Shield to 200

Iron Fist

  • Iron Fist no longer has Deadly Crits
  • Increased cooldown of Iron Fist
  • Heart of Shou-Lao no longer modifies damage, instead raises atk,def,acc,and eva as well as removes debuffs.
  • Uniform Passive Master's Speed reduces recovery time when allies critically hit.


  • Reduced damage for Kinetic Combo
  • Added knockback to Optic Blast
  • Uniform passive "Saccade" that grants a free attack on a random second target in range, if Cyclops critically hits.


  • Uniform passive "Green Crush" that applies Slow to targets when attacking with a knockback action.
  • Increased knockback of Sprint Strike
  • Guard Allies now applies guard to adjacent allies. We will try to do protect in the future.

Captain Marvel

  • Kree Strike now grants Captain Marvel "Light Speed" and applies "Combo Setup" to the target.
  • Photon Blast now applies "Clumsy" to the target.
  • Added knockback to Brawl
  • Ranking officer now affects an area, and has a 3 round cooldown.


  • Webhead now applies "Dulled" instead of "Hobble"
  • Uniform Passive "Tingling" grants a high chance to dodge enemies whose movement range is reduced.
  • Spider-Man's first ability is now Web Shots, Brawl is awarded at 2
  • Great Responsibility now applies guard to adjacent allies. We will try to do protect in the future.

Scarlet Witch

  • Quick Spell is now awarded at level 9, Boon Field is no longer a level-up reward.
  • Chaos Shield now only restores health for a single attack.
  • Warp Reality now replaces negative status effects with positive ones.


  • Might of Mjolnir now also increases the accuracy and critical hit chance of actions with Mighty.
  • Call Lightning is now awarded at level 2, Inspire Bravery is now awarded at 6, Starforged Hammer is awarded at 9, and Storm Front is awarded at 15.
  • Hammer Throw is no longer a level-up reward.
  • Thunderstruck has a duration of 3, and will only trigger twice per application.
  • Mjolnir Smash is now called "Starforged Hammer" and no longer applies Dizzy. Damage has been increased.
  • Hammer Throw no longer applies Weakened. Damage has been increased.
  • Uniform Passive "Asgardian" prevents application of Burning, Chilled, Poison, and Radiation statuses.


  • Uniform Passive "Asgardian" prevents application of Burning, Chilled, Poison, and Radiation statuses.
  • Sword Slash is now a fast action, and no longer applies weakened. Damage has been adjusted.
  • Shield Maiden now applies Guard to any adjacent allies, but not Sif. We will try to do protect in the future.


  • Sick Wubs, the status applied by The Drop, now gives a chance to apply Hinder, instead of immobilized.
  • Acoustic Impedance now applies Hobble instead of immobilized
  • Reverb is a ground attack.
  • Uniform Passive "Sound Pressure" prevents application of bleeding, and increases chance to critically hit targets within 3 of Klaw.

Dr. Doom

  • Added knockback to Magic Bolt
  • Uniform Passive "Titanium Mask" makes Doom highly resistant to critical hits.


  • Uniform Passive "Anger Management" applies a stack of "Hulk Up" when attacked.
  • Hulk up now increases accuracy and damage for a single action, no longer increasing movement range or attack.


  • Reflex Counter only counters a single attack, instead of all of them, forever.
  • Taskmaster's default counter is now Bowman's Shot, so that the Archer passive actually makes sense
  • Added Deadly Crits to Bowman's Shot
  • Uniform Passive "Copycat" if an enemy critically hits taskmaster, taskmaster has a high chance to critically hit that enemy.


  • Reduced HP gain of Regeneration from Primal Rage
  • Uniform Passive "Healing Factor" restores a small amount of HP over time.


  • Encounters in Assignment 1,and the M.O.D.O.K. Epic Boss fight have been adjusted.


  • The A.I.M. faction has been redesigned to make them more interesting to fight against.


  • Statuses expiration has been improved, and many statuses will stop working correctly.
  • Statuses will not apply to characters that have been knocked out.
  • Scarlet Witch's Bane, Boon, and Probability Fields now work.
  • Scarlet Witch's passive No More now moves enemies a lot more.
  • Scarlet Witch's Chaos Shield now applies a Chaos Shield.
  • Iron Fist's Roundhouse no longer hits twice
  • Doors and other destructible objects can't dodge, or be debuffed. Except for Revolving Doors, which can still get Dizzy
  • Multiple typos and misspellings are corrected.
  • Multiple AOE skills will no longer apply debuffs to targets who dodge.
  • Weakened, Strengthened, Agile and Clumsy now do not stack, correctly.
  • NYPD Police Cars are no longer present in Dakar
  • Sif no longer damages allies with Sword Flurry
  • Sif's passive Sharp does not apply Ravaged on targets who dodge.
  • Thor's Worthy passive does not expire.
  • Thor's Vortex can be cast, as an anchored AOE.
  • Thor's Thunderstruck passive works: maybe he's bjorn with it.
  • Dr. Doom's Steal Essence correctly applies Strengthened and Exposed.
  • Dr. Doom's Shocking Armor: it's electric.
  • Dr. Doom's Doom Technology increases recovery time of enemy tech attacks
  • Taskmaster's Marksman Spotter applies Precise Shot
  • Hulk's Weapon Test passive now has a chance to stun targets of Area attacks
  • Klaw's Standing Waveform now applies Mirror Images instead of a Shield


  • A.I.M. Quantum Theoreticians can tunnel through walls, which is highly improbable giving their mass.
  • Scarlet Witch's Reality Warp will not always remove all of the correct debuffs correctly.
  • Guard currently removes more debuffs than it should.
  • Hexed's backfire damage triggers more often than it should, at strange times.
  • Black Widow can not perform a Flying Kick on an adjacent target
  • The AI occasionally performs actions without a target.
  • Klaw's Passives tend not to work correctly
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents and many enemy scrappers and infiltrators fail to perform their class bonus attacks.
  • Status announcements need better timing.
  • Iron Man's Shellhead passive occasionally applies Repulsor Shields to enemies.
  • Spider Man's Swinger passive does not work reliably
  • She-Hulk's passive "Close Combat" doesn't always work on Sif.