Moonstone Dialogue

Moonstone is a minor antagonist who first appeared when the Incursions first started. During that time, she made the choice of teaming herself up with A.I.M. on their mysterious projects.


Moonstone (Real name: Karla Sofen) was a renowned psychiatrist, with a nasty craving for power and control. When asked to cure Byron Becton, the original Moonstone, she instead used hallucinogens to persuade him to give her his moonstone, and ever since then she became the super villain known as "Moonstone".


  • BlastericonClassBlaster
  • Passives - Flying
  • Attacks
    • Brawl (Level 1)
      • Unnarmed Melee deals damage to target, directly in-front.
    • Guard (Level 1)
      • Creates a shield that absorbs 100HP.
    • Silent Night (Level 1)
      • Ranged attack that attacks many enemies at once in a single area.
  • Level - Does not show; predicted to be Level 1.


  • Moonstone was possibly a template used for Captain Marvel, since their actions and movement are very indentical.
  • Moonstone's guard move, despite being called Guard, creates a shield, absorbing 100HP.
  • There is a slight doubt whether Moonstone is gonna stay a villain, since in MAA she's a hero, in the comics she is currently in the Thunderbolts faction, which is on the good side.
    • Her dialogue indicates that she doesn't show much hostility or antagonistic vibes towards S.H.I.E.L.D.
      • On that note, her specialty is Master Manipulation, she could just be using A.I.M. as she has been using others.
        • Moonstone officially asks S.H.I.E.L.D. for assistance with fighting off a Kree attack from another dimension in Endgame. Despite not being a playable character, she's usable as an ally in mission 1 of Endgame.


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