Hydra Pyro Portrait Art

Oberjager is an HYDRA enemy, and is clearly a female. As most of the other HYDRA enemies, her name is german, and means Upper Hunter. She is first met in Chapter 1 Assignment 3.


A Few HYDRA bases are in the savage land, where you can always be poisoned if you're not careful,but this is no problem for the Oberjager! This enemy is suitable for all of the Savage Land dangers! Dinosaurs, you shoot at them. Toxins, Immune. Spears, we're working on it. Pesky Little S.H.I.E.L.D. Heroes, armed for war.


Advanced immunity
Advanced Toxin Immunity - Immune to poison damage and effects.
  • Attacks
  • Level: - 1


  • In German, her name means Upper Hunter. It should be spelled "Oberjäger".


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