The part of the game represented by the Incursions of other players into the world. Each player is from a different universe and is to defend that universe from other players.

When attacking in PVP a building is selected and 10 energy used to perform the attack. The rewards are based on the building that was attacked. If you destroy the last building in a base you will receive a S.H.I.E.L.D. Bonus and the defender will get a shield to protect their base for one day.

Building RewardsEdit

Building Silver Reward  Iso-8 Reward 
Command Center 10% 0%
S.H.I.E.L.D. Vault 8% 8%
Flight Deck 14% 0%
Barracks 0% 12%
Iso-8 Refinery 0% 10%
Iso-8 Workshop 0% 14%
Quinjet Hangar 6% 6%
Training Center 12% 0%

Defensive StrategiesEdit

There are a few strategies relating to how defend your base.

1 - Remove defenders: This denies the attacker experience for their heroes as well as gives a smaller reward and a smaller loss to your Silver & Refined Iso-8

2 - Defend Silver: Simply put all of your best defenders in buildings that lose silver when attacked. This protects that resource.

Threat LevelEdit

By holding the mouse pointer over another players base in World Map, the threat level of the respective player is displayed by a text and a number of bars. The threat level is determined by the combined hero level of the defenders assigned to all buildings in your base, divided by 32, the maximum number of defenders allowed.

Threat Level Average Hero Level Combined Level of Defenders
Low 0-2.9 0-95
Medium 3-5.9 96-191
High 6-8.9 192-287
Extreme 9-11.9 288-383
? 12-14.9 384-479
? 15 480

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