Hero Name Passive Effect Description Level Costs
Black Widow Black Widow Ballerina



Black Widow receives a bonus to evasion for each enemy who ends their turn adjacent to her.

Brutal memories of a false life. Level 10 976 Refined Iso-8

+ 4 Shield point-icon

Black Panther Symbol Black Panther Heart Shaped Herb

Heart Shaped Herb


While Black Panther has less than half health, he recovers from Lunge attacks twice as quickly

A Wakandan plant that grants those of noble blood the power to protect their kingdom. Level 10 976 Refined Iso-8

+ 4 Shield point-icon

Black Widow Black Widow Secret Avenger

Secret Avenger


Gains a free attack when an adjacent ally is attacked.

At home in the shadows. - 5 Gold
Black Widow Black Widow Widow's Revenge

Widow's Revenge


Counterattacks and free attacks apply Hinder, reducing the range of enemy abilities.

The result of a lifetime of betrayal. Level 3 520 Refined Iso-8

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