Passives are status effects that the target begins with, and cannot be removed. Some are harming the target, some are helpful toward the target,heroes can equip three different passives, but only one can be active at a time.

Link for the debuffs page.

Below is a list of passives.


Binary E
Binary - Adjacent allies take half damage from energy attacks.

Close CombatEdit

MAAT Master of Anatomy
Close Combat - Enemies who start their turn Adjacent to she-hulk have movement speed and range of lunge actions reduced to 1.

Defense AttorneyEdit

MAAT Master of Anatomy
Defense Lawyer - Enemy area attacks do reduced damage when targeting she hulk or adjacent allies.


Fire Proof
Fire-Proof - Immune to fire.

Flight ControlEdit

Flight Control E
Flight Control - Flying Allies get 2+ to movement speed.


Flying - Immune to ground attacks.

Half KreeEdit

Half Kree E
Half Kree - Ranged attacks grant firing solution to adjacent allies.

Heart Shaped HerbEdit

Heart Shaped Herb E
Heart Shaped Herb - While black panther has less then half health,he recovers from lunge attacks twice as quickly.


Objection! -
Performs a free counter attack against adjacent enemies who perform attacks that do not include She-Hulk.


Jarvis E
Jarvis - Grants computed target to adjacent enemies at start of turn. Computed target increases the damage taken by critical hits.


MAAT Master of Anatomy
Sensational - Allies adjacent to she-hulk are granted fortified if hit by melee attacks.


Shellhead E
Shellhead - Iron man's repulsor shield will now absorb 200 damage. Chance to grant repulsor shield to adjacent allies when they are attacked.

Stark TechnologyEdit

Stark Technology E
Stark Technology - Adjacent Allies tech action recovery time is reduced.

Vibranium ReservesEdit

Vibranium Reserves E
Vibranium Reserves - Protects black panther and adjacent allies from friendly fire.

Warrior KingEdit

SH Passive
Warrior King - Melee attacks grants panther's strength to nearby allies.

Wind WalkEdit

Wind Walk
Wind Walk - Increases the movement range by 2.

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