Raptors are several different categories of dinosaurs found both in the Savage Land (an Antarctic tropical preserve) and from various Incursion Earths (it is currently unknown if the Incursion raptors only exist in their own Savage Land counterpart, are widespread throughout the rest of the Incursion Earth, or have been genetically-engineered back from extinction).

Despite being called raptors, many of their names suggest that they are from the compsognathus genus of Triassic dinosaurs rather than the velociraptor genus of Cretaceous dinosaurs. Further analysis of their possible relation to known species is difficult however, as the shown enemies are both much larger than any species of any known genus and lack the feather and feather-like structures each genus is currently theorized to have.

Currently, all shown raptors have been enemies, although Morgan Le Fay was able to command several magicsaurs.


Dinosaurs with cybernetic implants: Their singular appearance in Chapter 1 did not determine whether or not thye are from an Incursion Earth, or were sent by enemies of S.H.I.E.L.D. from this reality (which would likely be A.I.M., owing to their knowledge base of cyborgs and robots and complete disregard to bio-ethics).

C. Electropodum - A dinosaur with relatively little modifications, most notably a pod along the spine that seems to generate electrical energy down through the tail.

C. Lasereyeus - A raptor with both eyes replaced by a singular cybernetic eye capable of emitting a powerful laser. This monocular vision does not seem to affect depth perception or combat ability. It is not known to have any connection to X-Men hero Cyclops, attack method aside.

Tech-Raptor Jaws - A heavily-modified dinosaur, featuring enhancements to the jaw and teeth (externally), replacement of the eyes, and various patches of muscle and bone left exposed for reasons unknown. There are also cybernetics along the spine, but it is unknown if these are meant to be weapons or enhance movement speed.

Tech-Raptor Beamer V.2 - Presumed to be a modified version of the velociraptor predator, this raptor is in the same level of upgrades as the tech-raptor jaws and seems to be even stronger then him.


Magicsaurs are raptors with magical abilities. Their appearance in Chapter 1 heavily suggests they are from an Incursion Earth. Their scientific name is Saurischia arcanum.

Balefire Raptor - A raptor capable of generating intense heat from the mouth, making for a deadly (if cauterized) bite.

C. Cantaegis - A dinosaur with both buff and debuff abilities, making the rest of the pack deadlier.

C. Lacero - A red, bipedal chunk of viciousness and poison, both in it's bite as well as a ranged spit attack.

C.Phinneus - One of the descendants of the magicsaurs, this raptor is able to spit poison and seems like the child of a C. Lacero.

Sorceraptor - A dinosaur with the ability to curse it's prey.

Normal DinosaursEdit

Not all dinosaurs need to be cyborgs or magic-users. Sometimes being a man-sized carnivore is enough to get by, even in the Savage Land.

Antarctic Alpha Raptor - Found with magicsaurs, it lacks any seeming magical abilities.

Velociraptor Predator - Grey in tone, it clearly shows an enlarged claw on each foot.



Balefire Raptor Portrait Art

Full artwork of the Balefire Raptor.

Compy Cantaegis Portrait Art

Full artwork of the C.Cantaegis

Antartic Alpha Raptor Portrait Art

Full artwork of the Antarctic Alpha Predator.

Dino Might

Banner Of A Raptor Themed Event

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