Hydra Officer Dialogue

Schwerepanzer is an HYDRA enemy, and is a male. As most of the other HYDRA enemies, his name is german, and means Heavy Tanks(the in-game name is the two words combined, Schwere and Panzer). He is first met in Chapter 1 Assignment 3.


A Brute who isn't afraid to get hurt and is experienced with a hammer? That's HYDRA's favorite goon type! This guy doesn't talk a lot, but his motto is: "The best defense is offense!" while you will see him defending himself more then once.


  • BruisericonClass - Bruiser
  • Passives -
    Masochist - Missing Health causes this unit's defense to increase.
  • Attacks
  • Level: 4


  • In German,When splitted, his name means Heavy Tanks.


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