Raptor (Season 1 Chapter 2) Portrait Art

Tech-Raptor Beamer V.2 is the upgrade for the Tech-Raptor Beamer, possibly inspired by the Tech-Raptor Jaws and his upgrade, made by A.I.M. for an unknown goal,just like the reast of the Raptors#dinoborgs. It first appears in chapter 2 (exact assignment needed).


You thought Tech-Raptor Jaws was dreadful? You had nightmares about Tech-Raptor Jaws V.2? Well, from the organization who brought you these monstrosities, comes another creation! The Tech-Raptor Beamer! And it's already has an upgrade! Armored,Weaponized,Stripped of his mind, and ready to bring terror!


  • TacticianiconClass - Tactician
  • Passives - None
  • Attacks
    • Identify Weakness (Level ?)
      • Area of effect attack,Deals damage to targets(if they're enemies) and applies Weak Point.
  • Level - ?



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