June 2, 2014Edit

  • Might of Mjolnir now also increases the accuracy and critical hit chance of actions with Mighty.
  • Call Lightning is now awarded at level 2, Inspire Bravery is now awarded at 6, Starforged Hammer is awarded at 9, and Storm Front is awarded at 15.
  • Hammer Throw is no longer a level-up reward.
  • Thunderstruck has a duration of 3, and will only trigger twice per application.
  • Mjolnir Smash is now called "Starforged Hammer" and no longer applies Dizzy. Damage has been increased.
  • Hammer Throw no longer applies Weakened. Damage has been increased.
  • Uniform Passive "Asgardian" prevents application of Burning, Chilled, Poison, and Radiation statuses.

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