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This list is what work needs to be done on the wiki. Feel free to add anything you think needs to be done on the wiki.

Top PriorityEdit

Secondaries needs to be added with secondary tasks.

Buffs,Debuffs and Passives needs to have their own pages designed like the examples: Buffs: Guard Debuffs DizzyPassives:vObjection!

Debuffs and Passives' pages and templates needs to be updated witht he new effects added to the wiki.

Buffs need to have a page similar to passsives and debuffs. Example: Debuffs

Buffs need to have their own template for quicker navigation,like other status effects. Example: Template:DebuffsNav

Action, Guard, and Passive data needs to be added to each hero.

Every hero needs to have his page looking like the example. Example page: Iron Man.

For various buildings of the Commander Base, fill in the costs of upgrades and other related information.

Check and compare the moves and passive of "Former Villains" to see if they are different. Add a new page for them.

Flight Deck costs and earnings

Add Enemy data pages for each enemy. Be sure that the Assignments properly link to these pages. Example page : Incursion Iron Man

Make a table for general Hero Actions and Guards upgrades and costs.

Add icons for Hero Actions and Assignment Tasks.

Each hero can use more pictures. Recruitment screens.

Currency pages need expanding, and images adding.

The following assignment tasks need their enemy lists checked and corrected if changed in the June 4 patch:

  • Chapter 1, Assignment 1, Task 5 - Radioactive man encounter has been re-balanced
  • Chapter 1, Assignment 2, Task 2 - Moonstone encounter has been re-balanced
  • Chapter 1, Assignment 4, Task 3 - Power Armor encounter has been re-balanced
  • Chapter 1, Assignment 5, Task 5 - Incursion Iron Man encounter has been re-balanced

Chapter 2 assignments need filling out.

Any assignment tasks involving defeating multiple AIM, Hydra, or Kree bases need checking to see if the multiple different scenarios are always at specific co-ordinates.

Check Known Issues whenever a patch is released. Remove anything that's been fixed.

Minor WorkEdit

Middle Management needs a screenshot of the choices of heroes.

Gifting needs a screenshot of the Gifting page

Flight Deck needs a screenshot of the times and earnings for each level.

Add dialogue pages for each Assignment.

Add Hero Patch Notes to each hero as Patches are released.

Help and GuidesEdit

Look at the guidelines page as a guide for making each page before you start creating/editing a page, and add new guides in the same dialogue form like those that exists in that page now.