VISO - 8 is an acronym that stands for: Vibranium Isotope - 8. the name was invented by Iron Man.  
Iso 8 container

Iso-8 container found near vibranium,used by A.I.M.


The origins of the Viso - 8 are a vibranium from wakanada(their exclusive origin is the mines in wakanda), combined with iso- 8, it is produced by A.I.M.


It is currently presumed that the Viso-8 is stronger then Iso-8.

It is learned that viso -8 is meant to make M.O.D.O.K. able to travel through timstream and destroy earths he doesn't like.

People Related To ItEdit

Moonstone - Worked on it with A.I.M.

Radioactive Man - Also related to A.I.M, thus presumed being part of the project.

Hydra - Uses the same containers as A.I.M., but holding vibranium, that with the stolen power armor grants a base to think they have an alliance, and that the viso - 8 project involves both.


Vibranium Meteor

Vibranium Meteor

Viso 8 Making Process

Part Of the making process for the viso-8